NNCC is now the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium

Apr 13, 2016

NNCC logo

NNCC, formerly known as the National Nursing Centers Consortium, is now the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium. This name change reflects NNCC’s focus on the nurse-led care movement, which has grown, like NNCC, from the nurse-managed health clinic movement. In addition, NNCC also has a new logo.

Through the work of NNCC and its partners, nurse-led care is now recognized as critical to the delivery of primary and preventative care. NNCC focuses its work largely on the policies and economics of nurse-led health care – advocating for advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners to be able to practice to the full extent of their education and licensure, and concentration on the business side of enhancing and sustaining nurse-led care.