NNCC is a Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Awardee

Jan 30, 2019

The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) was selected as an awardee of the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Asthma Business Development project.

Working at the intersection of housing and healthcare, NNCC understands the importance of a healthy home for families with asthma. NNCC has provided comprehensive home visiting services for 16 years, offering environmental education, home assessments, and resources for families across southeastern Pennsylvania. Over time, NNCC expanded its focus on lead poisoning prevention to address additional health concerns, such as environmental asthma triggers. NNCC currently provides the Safe and Healthy Homes Program, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, for low-income families in Philadelphia. Through the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Asthma Business Development Technical Assistance award, there is an opportunity to coordinate NNCC services with primary care providers and explore innovative partnerships to optimize health outcomes for our clients. NNCC is excited to work with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative to improve asthma care in our community.