Quality Improvement

A culture of continuous learning and improvement begins at the top with committed, supportive leadership. It extends through an established quality infrastructure to all levels of the clinical staff via an approved quality roadmap. QI makes use of healthcare data via information technology to measure progress towards clearly defined goals and objectives.

Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Quality Certification

NNCC’s Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Quality Certification recognizes nurse-managed health clinics that meet the quality standards established by the Quality Task Force.

Improving quality and efficiency of medical care services has become a major priority for health clinics. Payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are tied to quality standards. CMS also offers incentives for providers who deliver high-quality, coordinated care.

Nurse-Managed Health Clinics that apply for and are awarded the certification are demonstrating their commitment to measuring and improving quality of care and service.

To learn more about Nurse-Managed Health Clinics Quality Certification, please contact Casey Alrich.

Benefits of Certification

This certification program can help your clinic obtain a competitive advantage in the health care marketplace, and improve the quality of care your patients receive. Certification may also help nurse-managed health clinics seeking insurance contacts and negotiating reimbursement rates.

This certification process will help health clinics identify strengths, weaknesses, and provide feedback from impartial external quality review professionals.

The Quality Task Force includes the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, the Institute for Nursing Centers, and the Nursing Centers Research Network.

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