Operations and Sustainability

Nurse-led practices must be financially viable in order to sustain themselves and serve their patient populations. NNCC education and training supports practices throughout the lifecycle from business planning and development, to practice transformation and payment reform. This includes making the most of practice revenue for expanded, innovative services and health information technology to drive efficiency of operations.

  • Business Planning and Due Diligence: NNCC can help develop a sound business plan for your practice: reimbursement structures, financial planning, and building strategic partnerships with legal, financial, and clinical institutions.
  • Efficiency of Operations: NNCC training can help practices streamline work flows, identify opportunities to eliminate waste, and maximize provider and clinical staff skills.
  • Strategic Use of Practice Revenue: NNCC training can help your practice ensure accuracy in billing and coding to maximize revenue while making use of revenue to expand services and business streams. Make sure your practice understands and is prepared to succeed under increasing payment reform initiatives at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Workforce Development and Retention: A clinical practice is only as good as its committed staff, and NNCC training and educational services can help you hire for fit, retain talented staff by cultivating joy in work, and reward efficiencies and success. Practices must also develop preceptor and clinical placement policies and procedures to help grow the next generation of the clinical workforce.
  • Health IT: NNCC can provide assistance with Health Information Technology (Health IT). This includes assistance improving capacity to adopt, integrate, and optimize Health IT for the provision of care. Health IT can be used to securely capture, report, and share clinical data with patients and partners.
  • Future Payment Structures: NNCC can help nurse-led practices achieve sustainability with revenue from retail health, telehealth, and concierge services. Alternative payment methodologies like value-based payments, shared savings programs, and universal payments will allow practices to demonstrate the viability of nurse-led principles of care while receiving fair reimbursement for the entire scope of services provided.

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Casey Alrich, MPH, CPHIMS
Senior Director, Training and Operations