Leadership and Innovation

The healthcare industry needs dedicated, experienced nursing leaders to step forward and help transform the healthcare delivery system for the better. Nurse-led clinical practices represent, by their very existence, an innovative expansion in delivery of, and access to, healthcare services. Nurse leaders have been early adopters of transformative clinical practices, such as patient-centered care, behavioral health integration, and more. We are helping develop a next generation of nurse leaders to transform the delivery of healthcare.

  • The role of the nurse-leader: NNCC can help identify the proper role of the nurse-leader in clinical and administrative practice, based on the practice setting, patient population, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Clinical leadership: NNCC training and education helps clinical nurse leaders as they bridge the divide between clinical practice and public health, and work collaboratively with interdisciplinary care teams.
  • Administrative leadership: NNCC is providing training and education to help nurse leaders maximize productivity and reimbursement to improve sustainability of care.
  • Nurse-leader as entrepreneur: NNCC can help nurse leaders turn innovative clinical and administrative practices into revenue streams to sustain the provision of services.
  • Innovation for practice transformation: NNCC has a proven track record helping nurse-led practices adopt innovative models of care, such as medical-legal partnerships, home visiting programs, and telehealth services, to name a few.


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Casey Alrich, MPH, CPHIMS
Senior Director, Training and Operations