Clinical Administration

NNCC Training services support clinicians as they seek to deliver patient-centered, evidence-based care through the coordinated provision of services on the part of interdisciplinary, cohesive care teams. NNCC training services are meant to support a culture of continuous learning and quality improvement for all members of the care team.

  • Patient and Family-Centered Care: Patient-centered care keeps patients, families, and caregivers at the center of the care team, acknowledging their values and preferences while collaborating to improve care. Services are provided with respect to cultural and linguistic preferences and patients are made to feel as if their voices are heard.
  • Evidence-Based Care: Practices and providers adhere to evidence-based protocols when delivering care and consider the needs of the whole patient – physical, mental, and socio-economic. Patient-centered care plans are developed with an eye towards reducing gaps in care and increasing wellness.
  • Team-Based Care: Interdisciplinary, efficient care teams are critical to delivering high-quality care while maintaining value and access. Care teams require clearly defined roles and responsibilities, effective lines of communication, and linkage to specialty and supportive services from across the community.
  • Coordinated Care: Patients experience coordinated care as the seamless provision of services across practices and providers. This includes mapping your larger healthcare neighborhood, tracking transitions in care, managing and closing the loop on referrals, and proactively supporting the health of your patient population and larger community.

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Casey Alrich, MPH, CPHIMS
Senior Director, Training and Operations